Espeon727's Pokemon Pearl Run
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the next morning i set out for route 202!!!~~~~…………………….. and Lucas was there to greet me ahahahaaaaa……….. he tried to teach me how to catch a pokemon… then i showed him my starly and he got all embarassed and he gave me some pokeballs in apology and ran off.

then i accidentally stepped on a wild pokemon’s tail…. a Shinx. it got really angry and attacked us… it just wouldnt calm down.. so i caught it….. and it wasnt really all that happy about it ^^; the battle was NOT easy… it took both of Em and Star’s full efforts because of its constant critical hits. 

Shinx - Linus
Male, Rivalry, level 3
Lonely nature, Proud of its power, likes spicy food. 

Linus doesnt seem to like me very much yet… 

i had to go back to sandgem to heal up the team, and then i set back out again.

i had my first pokemon battle! with some kid in shorts named Tristan. he was pretty easy to beat, having only a single starly ^^

it was fun, so i battled a couple of other trainers too.

then i made it to Jubilife City! and Lucas greeted me. again. he told me my team was small and that i should go check out the trainer’s school. bah. but he did mention that Jun headed there too, so i went and delivered his parcel. they turned out to be town maps, and Jun gave one to me :3 it’s really convenient! although, they’re more like region maps, not town :/

then he ran off again and i battled some kids in the school and then i went all around town talking to people and whatnot. 

i even went running around searching for some clowns. but i did it and got the three coupons and traded those for a brand new poketch! it’s… pink. BUT CONVENIENT so i guess it’s fine hahaha. but no more pink. seriously.


Jun rudely opened the briefcase. inside he found three pokeballs! with pokemon inside them!!

he let me pick first. i chose Piplup!

Piplup - ______________
Female, Torrent, level 5
Relaxed nature, highly persistant, likes sour food.
Pound, Growl

i battled that Starly like nobody’s business! it was down in time! …same for Jun, who chose Turtwig.

Then that assistant kid came running back, and he got really nervous when he noticed that we took the pokemon. told us to come by the lab in sandgem town asap.

buuuuut Jun and i played with out pokemon some first before heading home to explain to our parents (and eat lunch). THEN we left for sandgem town. 

jun was just leaving as i got to the lab. he ran off, towards the next town i guess.

i entered the lab, and rowan, like, inspected me, or something? im not really sure what he said but he gave me a’s pretty cool, but i dont really think i will use it a lot. then his assistant, Lucas, showed me around town, but he just kept talking and i never got to explain to him that i already knew everything about what he was touring…

oh! and i named my Piplup while i was at the lab too!

Piplup - Emmy
Female, Torrent, level 5
Relaxed nature, highly persistant, likes sour food.
Pound, Growl

then i bought some pokeballs and went back to route 201 and caught my first pokemon! and some dude gave me a free potion too. that was nice of him.

Starly - Starlette
Female, Keen Eye, level 2
Docile nature, likes to run, happily eats anything.
Tackle, Growl

afterwards i headed home to tell my mom, and then i set back off for Sandgem. jun was really considerate, and his mom had a package for him. so i offered to deliver it for her, figuring i would run into sooner or later.

Emmy and Starlette and I went to go play at the beach for the rest of the afternoon. It was actually great bonding, and they both gained a few levels~ I think Em and Star are best friends >.<

after we were all tired out, i spent the night at the pokecenter in Sandgem Town. it’s a nice place. lucky that pokecenters are paid for by the government OvO cuz i spent most of my money on pokeballs ehehe 



Jun stayed late in my room last night. we were watching that documetary about a red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage all the way in Sinnoh. i was rather uninterested, but Jun had wide eyes with twinkles floating around him. it was actually kindof cute to be honest. he got really excited, flailing his arms around and everything.

he went home and i quickly fell asleep.

the next morning, i went for a walk when Jun grabbed me and made a dash for the nearby Lake verity. we ran into some old man and his assistant, but they left as soon as we got there. but they left a briefcase. me and Jun were only in the tall grass for a split second before a couple of wild starly attacked us for no reason!

<unimportant Rowan tutorial>